Who We are

We have worked in Latin America for almost a decade, seeking to discover its cultural and natural wealth.

Culture and nature, a perfect pair, a symbol of the harmony that is possible between mankind and its surroundings, perfectly represented in the thousand-year gastronomic tradition of this continent, which has preserved and valued its biodiversity as its heritage, and is one of the most complete natural environments in the world, offering us an impressive variety of foods with astounding nutritional properties. Many of them have been internationally recognized as Super Foods.

Following the discovery of the Americas, menus in Europe underwent a profound change due to the arrival of new foods, out of which tomatoes, corn, and potatoes are the most significant.

The ongoing process of globalization has led to a new phase of gastronomic diffusion between the two continents with the incorporation of new foods, both flavorful and versatile, into European dining. First among these is quinoa.

Rewild has decided to assist in reversing the process of food “domestication” imposed by fast food companies, importing some of these foods -cultivated with great respect for the environment and knowledge of ancient practices- to Italy, and giving mankind back its authentic flavors and values.