Tricolor quinoa with shrimp and zucchini


350 grams of Quinoa Tricolore Rewild

1 white onion

4 small zucchini

25 crayfish tails

6 tablespoons oil

salt and black pepper q.s.

Doses for

Boil the quinoa in 2 liters of water (about 20 minutes). Meanwhile chop the onion and cook it in olive oil. Wash and finely cut the zucchini slices to add them to the pan and add salt to taste. After about 10 minutes of cooking on high heat, add the prawns (2/3 peeled and unpeeled 1/3). Sauté until they change color. Add the cooked quinoa with zucchini with shrimp and pepper to taste. Sauté everything before serving.